Sunday, January 18, 2009

Like the Snows of Kamar-Taj

It MUST be magic that keeps those stepping-stones clear from snow.
I clear a path and within five minutes it's as if I didn't do a thing!
art from Doctor Strange : Sorcerer Supreme # 84
Mark Buckingham; pencils, Kev Sutherland; inks, Kevin Somers; colors

The winter snows have been hitting here, at my Sanctum, fairly harshly the past few days, and I've spent much of my time dealing with that (and then recuperating from said activity).

As such, I've only had scant few moments to further prepare for my next planned deluxe-entry posts (intended as a precisely organized sequence in which one will segue directly to the other and so on)...

Rest assured, blog entries will resume shortly... as long as the snows allow.


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