Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In keeping with the
Inauguration Day festivities / cultural zeitgeist...

********************* ----- *********************

Yes. That's me.
(although my hand is hiding much of my meticulously kempt goatee)

Image from my laptop's camera (with comic-art filter on) - the "original" now being used on the sidebar.

No. I didn't alter the photo (y'know... except for the background "window" & comic-filter & Obamification * ... aside from that I didn't alter the pic.).

A few more... because by tomorrow, all this posterization jazz will be "so 5-minutes ago".

From a photo of my own EYE of AGAMOTTO amulet.
It's a home-made bit of sculpture that I made, along with the rest of the outfit, back in 1987 or 1988.
The eyeball glows in the dark, and the thing is SOLID. It could kill if used as a weapon.
Not that I would. It's all about PEACE here in the Sanctum.

Here's a bunch more...

Looks a little like Cheney there.

I would SO vote for ROM! You look at that image and tell me it doesn't fill your soul with HOPE.

Alright, Last one...

* You can create your own Obamicon, your image in a style inspired by Shepard Fairey's iconic Barack Obama 'Hope' poster. HERE at Obamicon.me


Lightning Strike said...

Nicely done P!

The Dude said...

Those are cool! i especially like the Man-Thing versions. shit man i haven't heard from you in over a week and then all of a sudden all these comments show up on my blog from you :) you out did yourself with that ROM as the big G's herald What If suggestion. that kind of creative thinking is exactly what i like to read on blog sites. also, if New Zealand is a place your thinking about i know just the person your gonna wanna talk to. his name is Dan and he's a regular commentor on my blog.

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