Tuesday, April 9, 2013

- From the PAST - for the FUTURE!


It’s my birthday once again (dang, this past year went fast) and I thought I’d take the opportunity to present some gifts – TO YOU, my readers (and assorted drifters on the interwebs)! I’ve done this sort of thing before; gifting assorted electronic virtual-goodness from within blog entries (there was the animated gifs of characters [HERE], the audio play of Doctor Strange vs Nightmare (from a 1990’s phone card) [HERE], another audio-play of Dr. Strange and the Defenders for the Hulk’s birthday party [HERE] (and maybe one or two others).

Well, in those instances, the "products" didn’t originate from me. I was merely passing on “Strange” rarities that I knew no one would have access to, unless they were - like me - crazy, obsessive/compulsive, completist, collector-monkeys. However, this time, I will share some electronic creations of my own!

Now, before I shower you with digital riches, like an old man spinning yarns of yesteryears gone by to any who’ll listen, please allow me the indulgence of telling a bit of a story…


Waaaay back when I first started using a computer in my daily life (no longer just using one to play video games [like DOOM and/or DESCENT] and type up stupid banners), I taught myself how to make animated gifs, animated cursors and animated icons for my old PC.

Well, since becoming a MAC guy, I fell out of the practice and only every now and again tell myself that "one day, when I have time, I'll make some more cool animated cursors and stuff – including some for the Mac".

OK, so that hasn’t happened. Not that I can’t, the software keeps progressing and becoming easier while at the same time more flashy and professional-looking. But those who have been following this blog for any length of time know – time is not my friend. I’m always full up with daily projects, freelance artwork, life emergencies and assorted shenanigans – all on top of my day job.

Sadly, even when THESE items were created, things were only slightly better and while I had time for smaller projects like these (and others which I will share VERY soon) I lacked the time for other, grander projects.

For instance: I was EXTREMELY close to being the FIRST Doctor Strange blogger – heck, maybe one of the first COMICS bloggers – having arranged to purchase domain names and seeking out the best deals for internet web-hosting, circa 1997. I had everything ready – but time (as I was newly married, relocated and at a new job – and with a crappy dial-up connection).

(The good thing; within 3 years, the esteemed NeilAlieN would start his own blog and at the same time I was content to pontificating heavily on assorted message boards in my off hours.)

Now, before you accuse me of being some senile old codger, whose forgotten the point of his tale (ya, pesky kids!), the reason I am telling that little tangential aside is that these items that I am presenting now were designed FOR that aborted website.

Back in the nascent days of the internet, it wasn’t unknown to come across a website that had its own cursors which would appear in the place of your own standard “arrow-pointer” cursor. Usually it was some design scheme that had some kind of theme with the site, and so… since mine was to be SANCTUM SANCTORUM COMIX (yeah, the name has always been the same – it was also supposed to be the name of the comic shoppe that I was going to open at the same time [but that’s another story])… obviously, the cursors and icons were to be Doctor Strange related.

And so… without any further ado (or rambling)…


DOCTOR STRANGE Cursor Pointers!

- Doctor Strange (cursor)
- The Eye of Agamotto (animated cursor)
- Window Sigil (cursor)

- Man-Thing (animated cursor)
- I was also, at that time, about to work on an Agamotto (caterpillar form) icon, but only managed to complete his Magic Hookah (animated cursor) which I’ll include as a bonus (for all the ‘heads’ out there)!

(Note: these images & animations are merely examples, and are enlarged for better viewing. The actual pointers are... "pointer-sized".)

STRANGE icon cursor photo STRANGE.gif

Let DOCTOR STRANGE point the way around your computer!

EYE gif photo EYE.gif

Let the EYE of AGAMOTTO peer into the darkest corners of your harddrive!

Window icon cursor photo WINDOW.gif

Pass through the WINDOW SIGIL to Web-Dimensions Beyond!

MANNY gif photo MANNY2.gif

Let MAN-THING... er... kinda freak you out a little!

hookah gif photo hookah1.gif

Let AGAMOTTO's Hookah...ah... uh... what was I talking about?
Nacho's and Mocha? Yum!

DOWNLOAD the ZIP FILE  with the Icons in it [HERE

There are others (additional tweaked designs and icons) but it’s easier and less confusing if I just batch the basics. (For instance, I used to have icons of the Man-Thing for my Recycle Bin, [when he was “full” he’d turn black and his eyes would glow] and others for other purposes; like glowing, star-filled Window Icons - and some half-finished, like Doc's hand in magic-finger pose for a Link Selection pointer]… but these are fine for now, otherwise the README file would be a BOOK.)

These were created for a system using Windows’95 and still work on a new system using Windows7, so you shouldn’t have a problem.

Download the file and follow the “READ ME” instructions for proper installation.
(Sorry Mac folks… these were designed for PCs. As far as I know, they won’t work on a Mac. I haven’t taken time to play with them, but if you know a way to do so, Let ME Know and not only will I pass it on but I’ll be able to toss these on my Mac as well.)

BUT FIRST... DOWNLOAD the ZIP FILE  with the Icons in it [HERE]

I’ll also paste the README info here as well.



Attached are cursors I whipped up back in 1997

- First, save this file somewhere you'll remember.
(Probably best to go to C: Windows and place it there next to the “Cursor” folder.)

- THEN...go to your "START" button and go to your "CONTROL PANEL", then choose "MOUSE", then "POINTERS".

- You'll see a scrolling list of cursors and their descriptions. We're essentially only concerned with a few: "normal select", "working in background", "busy" and "link select" pointers.

- Each cursor should be used for a different purpose.
(The DOCTOR STRANGE HEAD is the "normal" pointer / The "OPEN" EYE OF AGAMOTTO is the "working in background" pointer & the "CLOSED" EYE OF AGAMOTTO is "busy" pointer. When you see this, the computer is busy and you have to wait until you see the DOC-HEAD to do anything. - It's like the hourglass cursor was...only better! Because when the computer goes from working to busy the eye will appear to BLINK! And I use the “Window” sigil for my “link select” pointer to take the place of the ‘hand’, so that the Window will lead me to other internet dimensions.)

*The Man-Thing images can also be used as "working in background" and "busy" so that the regular Man-Thing is "working" and the black Manny with glowing eyes is "busy".
Or... the Hookah can be used the same way. "Hookah1" is "working" and "Hookah2" is "busy" - so that when it blinks from one to the other looks like it's being used.


- Then hit BROWSE.

- Find where you put this file.

- Select the appropriate cursor to match the purpose of the one you're replacing.

- Click Apply

- You should probably look near the top of the panel for a way to SAVE AS – it might be “scheme” (and name it something different - so you don't lose your settings - I suggest something "strange".)

That's it!

LMK if you can or can not make it work.
(These were designed using Windows'95 at the time and they still work on a system now using Windows7.)


ps: just a note: when using the DOC pointer/cursor you must remember that the upper LEFT side is the default pointer area. Just look at the two "points" on his cowl. The one on the LEFT of the screen is where it "points".
As an added bit of nerdity, you can select to have your cursors leave “trails” (you can select this is “pointer options”). So it looks like Doc is casting the Illusions of Ikonn to make duplicates of himself, which quickly blink out of existence.
Yes. I’m nerdy.

All icons/cursors/artwork/designs copyright 1997-2013 ~P~ / PTOR / SanctumSanctorumComix / MidnightImages / CrazyDiamondEntertainment.

Doctor Strange copyright Marvel Entertainment..


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an Ice-Box Cake to enjoy! You can't digitize that!


Lee Seitz said...

Makes me want to dig up the Rom cursor(s?) I made back around the same time. Hmm, did I actually finish it/them?

Cirdan said...

Happy birthday! So is this the birthday of the first you or second you or does it not matter since the second you would be exactly the same as the first you and/or the world didn't get blown up at all.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

my B-day present for you is in the mail.

Anonymous said...

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