Monday, April 22, 2013


Today, April 22nd is EARTH DAY and Friday, April 26th is ARBOR DAY, the one-two punch of "the GREEN" fighting back against a world of steel, sawdust and soot.

Although, that might be the wrong metaphor for the spirit of the two days... which are less about battling against the oppressors of nature and more about giving back to the planet - giving a gift of sorts - to everyone - now and in the future.

MAN-THING, a creature of the swampy Florida Everglades is the keeper and guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, and as such, the perfect spokesman for these "holidays".

So, please listen to his message of Ecological Peace.
Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you - the MAN-THING...


SILLY people... did you really expect him to SAY anything? Man-Thing is MUTE!
(Well, sure, Jeff Parker has set up some kind of talking Man-Thing, but that won't stick.)
Anyway, his message was IMPLIED. He is an EMPATH. You need to FEEL his meaning.

He would have shed a single tear like the Indian on the side of road in those old anti-pollution commercials, but Monsters don't cry (it must be the moisture of the swamp).

So, please be kind to the planet. Plant a tree (or just hug one once in a while), and please...
(Remember, all cars have an ashtray built-in. If he sees you flick your cigarette butts out of the car window instead, Man-Thing will totally fry your selfish, lazy ass.)


This post is in keeping with this month's theme of gift-giving (so obviously, more gift-themed posts are to come). Approximately 1 foot tall, this ADORABLE plush Man-Thing was a gift to me Christmas of 2007 by my good friend (and fellow Strangeophile) Howard Hallis.

He commissioned it to be made exclusively for me from "Creeplings", a wonderful craftswoman's vision of darker shades of cute. Manny came with a special personalized certificate (a nicely laminated, die-cut tag with my name as the owner and Howard's as the commission-er) and oodles of cuddly charm.


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