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This entry has the strange happenstance of being a part of at least 3 series of blog-posts.
It is an addendum to a long-running series wherein I showcase my Doctor Strange (and assorted "6-Dimensions") articles of clothing. It is the last of this month's series of "gift-related" series of posts. And it is the beginning to a new series showcasing assorted ancillary "Artifacts".
How's THAT for value?!

Every so often it’s nice to treat yourself to a little something-something (no... not "sump'n sump'n"! Get your minds outta the gutter). No one can get you the gift you really want better than you can yourself. Heck, that’s why God created gift-certificates.
Well, while I will (probably far too often, to tell the truth) treat myself to a gift or three, inherently it’s something for my collection (and not me personally – because by now my collection has grown, acquired sentience and is an entity unto itself), still once in a blue-moon I will get something that is, ostensibly, for me.

As long-time (and perhaps the occasional post-surfing) readers may recall, I long ago started a series of posts which showcased my Doctor Strange-themed “Mystic Garb” apparel – the first of which, among the many pieces, included both a Doctor Doom and a Doctor Strange baseball cap.
That post can be found [HERE].

Well, after doing harm to the Doctor Doom cap (I wore it when I first got it – mistakenly thinking that I’d get another - and it paid the price for that folly) I vowed never to wear the Doctor Strange cap - which, as far as I can tell could be an Officially produced “One-of-a-Kind” item, since it is merely an official product sample for a line that had ceased production before that design would be mass produced.

So, while I can’t wear one 1-of-a-kind Doctor Strange cap, that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t wear a 2nd “1-of-a-kind” Doctor Strange cap.
And thus, I had sewed onto a new baseball cap, assorted Doctor Strange PATCHES, to make a special edition just for me.

I’m not much of a baseball cap wearer. I have one for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but that’s primarily for the big golden “P” in the front. “P” is for PTOR. I couldn’t care less about any particular team. Not since I was a kid (and my two faves were the NY Mets – and, coincidentally, the PA Pirates). But I wanted a hat that spoke of what I like – what type of mojo works for me.

Well, this, while a bit garish, is it.

The third eye sits atop my brow.
All without serious meditation or soul-searching.

Doctor Strange heads/busts on either side & the made-for-TV movie logo at the back.
While I do wish that the heads were smaller, their placement - set further back - and the curve of the cloak’s high-collar frame the logo in the back quite well.

With the Eye of Agamotto up front, twin “Doctor Strange” heads set back on either side, and the “Dr. Strange” logo from the 1970’s TV movie around back, this hat shows that I've always got Doctor Strange "on my mind".

Incidentally, I am nearly 100% sure that the maker of these patches (a seller from Argentina) used one of MY uploaded pics of the title screen for the movie logo as visual data for the patch-making machine; which makes this patch yet another of my little unintentional offerings to the world-at-large (as I detailed in my most previous post [HERE]).


And thus, I end this month’s “gift-giving”-themed series of posts.
But while this series ends with this post, this post also begins a new series of posts which will feature assorted Ancillary Artifacts; patches, buttons and assorted bling. So come back in a few days for the beginning of that.

By the way, this post, as do all new addendums in the “Mystic Garb” Dr. Strange-themed series, will be reproduced as an update in the appropriate entry (in this case, the first; "Caps & Ties").

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