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First, let me ASSURE you that this isn't becoming the "TARDIS-BLOG"; virtual fan-home of THE DOCTOR (WHO).
It's just that much of my time now is being spent immersed in all-things "Time Lord", and so, while reading of new 12th DOCTOR (or 14th Doctor, depending on how accurate/pedantic/OCD you may be) Peter Capaldi's unveiling of his new Doctor Who costume, I IMMEDIATELY did a double-take when I saw the photo.

Peter Capaldi's DOCTOR is to wear a dark blue Crombie coat with red lining, dark trousers, a white shirt and Doc Martens boots. While not EXACTLY a perfect match, it is certainly an amazing close coincidence to a certain STRANGE Doctor's most previous outfit.

Both of these Doctors looks are dashing, dynamic, decidedly different.
The red-lined coat, the dark coloring, the black boots... interesting coincidence, is it not?

Now, just so you don't think me grasping at straws, look at Capaldi's pose. Close enough to the pose of Doctor Strange above?

Yes? Well... then how about how SPOT ON it is to the pose below?!

This is nearly "the" definitive "Doctor Strange pose", going as far back as his official image for the original "Marvel Universe Handbook" (as drawn by Paul Smith).

Now, before any WHOvians get up in my case about how Capaldi's duds are a nod to the original 3 DOCTORS: William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee (and indeed his look IS a tip of the hat to those three incarnations, to be sure), still.... this fashion trend between Strange and "Who" is a bit odd.

So... YOU tell me.
If not "SEPARATED AT BIRTH", then is it coincidence or an homage (subconsciously or not)?


cerebus660 said...

I'd guess this is a conscious homage. Capaldi seems the kind of guy who knows his pop culture references. BTW I think he'd make a great Stephen Strange, although when Marvel ever get round to producing a Doctor Strange movie they'll probably cast someone in their twenties...

Anonymous said...

Heh. I see the similarities. Dr. Strange is just shy of being a Time Lord, and the Doctor did just send his homeworld to a pocket dimension. I did notice these pocket dimensions popping up a lot more recently. There's always the dialogue going between the various sci-fi/fantasy/comic/etc. crowds. No homage since they're contemporaries, but they were born in the same year so maybe very close to twins--separated by time and space.

The King of Thessaly said...

Totally loving your all-new Doctor Who Blog, here!
-I saw on some other sites people saying he looks like a magician... I'm like- not a magician: A SORCERER! And you're right- right down to the very pose.
And I'm THAT o.c.d- he's #14. I'm just elated that The Doctor is old again... Capaldi is going to be amazing!

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, this definitely makes you wonder if Moffitt and co. were paying attention to the Doc's new threads right? Can't be just a coincidence......or is it?

Plus that pose........
Personally I'm ready for the adventures of the supposed darkest doctor since the Tom Baker years, or at least that's the world on the street. which wouldn't bother me, since the Tom Bakers years are my favorite from the Classic Who era.

Other than Capaldi, and you may have mentioned this before, but who else do you see right now that would make a fine Dr. Strange movie-wise?

I hate to say this considering the stigma attached to him and all, but Johnny Depp wouldn't be too out of the question for me. He can play eccentric and if you ever watched the movie he did, The Ninth Gate, then at least visually, he could pull off Strange.

Anonymous said...

And because I have no one else to talk to about Dr. Strange... Yay! He made it higher than Iron Man and Thor on Marvel's official top 10 heroes to debut in the 1960s!


Capaldi-what bugs me,is Who fan are praising this guy before film rolls.How they know this guys any good?As for Doc Strange and Doctor Who switched at birth or anything-I made the two docs connections years ago-that started with Sarkhon character.Both share somethings in common-mythic ways-travel to other far off places-live in a big,strange place.

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