Saturday, October 11, 2014



(scan taken from Marvel 1980 Doctor Strange Calendar - of a panel taken from Marvel Feature # 1) *

At long last… after many months away…
I AM RETURNED unto you!

After a gestation of 9 months… I am reborn!

Alright… I’ll stop the added melodramatics.
But seriously, I’ve been away from this blog for far too long, but I’m looking to make a return to producing posts wherein I discuss various subjects of nerdity; ie: Doctor Strange, Doctor Who, my “6-Dimensions” philosophy, comicbooks, pop culture, and showcasing my (admittedly awesome) collection.

Just as Doctor Strange has returned from (multiple) cancelations (although the last issue of his last true long-running series was in 1996, and we’re STILL waiting for the 1st issue of a new series), and even Doctor Who came back from his own cancelation (in 1989 – although, the revitalizing made-for-tv movie in 1996 led to nothing [except a series of excellent audio dramas] and it took until the 2005 revival to really “regenerate” the series), so do I return to this blog.

Interestingly (and potentially cosmically-coincidental) is that TODAY is SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11th - the very same day and date which I started this blog 6 years back (as seen [HERE]).
Thus it is a perfect time to return to my blog.

But that isn’t the ONLY return that I am announcing here.
I am ALSO returning to REAL, gainful employment, utilizing my artistic abilities, as an illustrator and 3D designer. 

Even MORE “return” oriented is that the place where I am to work is the OLD place of employment where I worked back when I started this blog. After being “downsized” due to the collapsing worldwide economy (aka; Armageddon), I was occasionally still being commissioned by that selfsame corporation as a independent contractor / freelancer to produce artworks for them whenever something truly difficult came their way or the shit hit the deadline fan and they needed a miracle save. Luckily, I departed them with an air of professionalism, I continued to maintain my professional level during the freelance projects, and so when it came to thinking of whom to hire for a new 3D design position, my name was top of the list.

It is into this atmosphere of hope that I find myself now and while I will be initially sporadic in my blogging (due to the rigors of the new position and the insane commute / living arrangements where I’ll find myself [I’m living in Pennsylvania and the job is in New York on Long Island]), I do hope to develop a rhythm to my new life where blogging can be fairly consistent.

So, while I ask you to please bear with me during the rough starts and stops, I am not leaving again any time soon.

But, to quote a famous Sorcerer Supreme:

"I have once again picked up the mantle of Doctor Strange... 
And I can never again -- put it down."

*fun fact: the panel scanned atop this blog post is taken from the DOCTOR STRANGE 1980 calendar (which you can view in its entirety in this old post [HERE]) wherein they added a witty, yet apropos caption to a panel from (the back-up story in) MARVEL FEATURE # 1 wherein Doctor Strange returns to the role of Sorcerer after forsaking the role (one year prior [thankfully, I didn't take THAT long to return here], back in INCREDIBLE HULK # 126)… the title of that Marvel Feature story? Why, “THE RETURN” of course.

And as a treat, I’ll post that story here for you now.
(click pages to embiggen)



cerebus660 said...

Glad to see you're back... and you're back in full-time employment. Good news all round :-) Thanks for posting that Doc story. I've only seen it in a British reprint back in the '70s and haven't read it in a looooong time :-)

Lee K. Seitz said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Yay, you're back! I've been eager to read your thoughts on Doc's recent appearances in Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk and the Agents of SMASH. Plus Dormammu has been in THREE eps recently.

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