Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DOCTORS Across Space, Time and Dimensions


As I’ve noted in the last post of 2013, I’ve been less than enthusiastic about my DOCTOR STRANGE interests/habit/mania/obsession/fix as Marvel has not been treating the character well at all, and instead, while watching-and-waiting to see how Strange is treated in each month's new comics, have been focusing on RE-discovering my love for DOCTOR WHO.

More often than not, while I’m totally exhausted from my current job, when I come home and pour myself into bed, the last thing that I have energy for is to type out blog entries (even though I DO have the desire). What I DO have energy to do is watch old episodes of DOCTOR WHO – or – peruse other media appearances of THE DOCTOR.

Well, wouldn’t you know that when you cross the 4th Dimension of Time, and the dimensional doorways of Space are ajar, there’s a good chance that OTHER dimensions may be traversed as well.

So, when I was reading some of the Doctor Who Comic strips from Doctor Who Magazine (and other sources), I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see that an alternate Dimensional interpretation of a certain STRANGE Doctor making an appearance.

(right click to make bigger on the inside)

Seen taking in some culture at an art museum (where the 9th DOCTOR and ROSE [Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper] have just materialized in the TARDIS, we see a familiar looking cloak of levitation being worn by some slug-like creature.

Perhaps, it’s NOT “Doctor Strange”, but perhaps it’s another “Sorcerer Supreme” in possession of the Cloak of Levitation (or, since neither TIME nor SPACE are hindering factors when dealing with either Doctor Who or Doctor Strange, then this might be Agamotto [the FIRST Sorcerer Supreme himself, who also frequently appears as such a caterpillar], or the Sorcerer Supreme of the 37th Century (wherein this story takes place, in an pan-dimensional gallery) resplendent in the cloak.

Either way, this page from DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE # 358, featuring a story; “ART ATTACK” with story and pencils by Mike Collins, shows that perhaps other people aside from myself feel that these two Doctors should have a meeting.

 So, as STRANGE as it is, WHO’s to say that my two current interests are mutually exclusive of each other?

Certainly not either DOCTOR.


Anonymous said...

ah ha ha, I see what you did there at the end. very nice

Anonymous said...

And it's the traditional Cloak of Levitation! Yay! Not the gold lining exclusively along the edges. Collar isn't as pointy but that's ok. I think Slug #2 looks like he's wearing one too. So maybe it is Agamotto taking Stephen on a field trip?

The King of Thessaly said...

Hmmm- it's like... Cronenberg-Stephen.
The strange little ties between these characters is so odd, isn't it?

-Have you seen Dan's "Please Don't Kill Dr Strange" post?

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