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IT FIGURES... this is going to be a multi-purpose post.

No, I'm not complaining or being sarcastic about anything.

"IT FIGURES" was the name I originally used as a subject header / tag-line for a continuing series of blog-posts that deal with "Action Figures", figurines and statuary. I soon realized that in keeping with the mystic nature of this blog's focus (i.e; Doctor Strange and the various magic characters which I collect), that "IDOL PURSUITS" would make more sense, since I am often in pursuit of these plastic (plaster, resin, rubber and/or paper) "idols".

One of the first series of posts when I began this blog were the "Idol Pursuits", wherein I started an extensive look into every action figure, figurine and statue of Doctor Strange, Man-Thing, Rom; Spaceknight and assorted other "6-Dimensions" characters.
However, somewhere in my 2nd year I got sidetracked into other posts (many epic essays and in-depth looks into the comics) and never got back to the "Idol Pursuits".

While I've been meaning to get back to it, I've sadly neglected to do so.


Since, as of late, I've been spending what (little) free time I have working on fixing up my "Sanctum Sanctorum" (man-cave), I've been surrounded by all of the many, MANY assorted "idols" that are stored within.

And so I feel compelled to light the candles on those alters and continue to pay homage to them here once again.

Just a glimpse of a VERY FEW of the many figures to be showcased in the weeks to come.

Since it has been a few years since I last posted an entry in the "IDOL PURSUITS" category, I feel it best to give a recap / run-down on what has come before with some pics and links to previous posts.

But then, make sure to continue on and read the comic story "TOYS NIGHT OUT" which was first printed as a back-up story in MARVEL FANFARE # 56 - and then come back next time for an IDOL PURSUITS SPECIAL EDITION deluxe entry!

So now in preparation of the continuance of the "IDOL PURSUITS" series, here's your recap of the posts dedicated to presenting detailed and comprehensive histories of DOCTOR STRANGE (and "6-Dimensions" characters) figures/statues/standees etc...:


Part 1) - 1979 Ben Cooper “dangler” figure – [HERE]


Part 1a) - ADDENDUM:  The pre-“Action Figure” figures
(Marvel World standees and "Rub-n-Play" standee) – [HERE]


Part 2) – The DOCTOR STRANGE MEGO figure that almost was – [HERE]


Part 3-A) – Gaming figures: TSR Standees – [HERE]


Part 3-B) – Gaming Figures: TSR Metal Figurines – [HERE]


Part 4) – The PVC Figurines: DOCTOR STRANGE – [HERE]


Part 4a) The PVC Figurines - addendum 1: “MAN-THING” – [HERE]


Part 4b) – The PVC Figurines  - addendum 2: “DEFENDERS” – [HERE]


Special Editions:

Idol Pursuits: ROM SPACEKNIGHT "action figure" toy – [HERE]


Idol Pursuits: ROM SPACEKNIGHT model kits: full size and bust - [HERE]


Idol Pursuits: DR. ORPHEUS bobblehead - [HERE]

Of course, there were OTHER entries in the IDOL PURSUITS series (mostly ancillary and preview posts), but if you want to see ALL of the entries in the series (in reverse order) just click [HERE].


Well. Before you go up and start clickety-clicking all those links, and (re)reading those previous entries, I'll post a special comic story here for you!
Originally printed in MARVEL FANFARE # 56, this is a story of a kid who can't seem to get his room in order and it's because he spends too much time playing with his... (NO, you filthy-minded people!) Action Figures.

But don't fret... there's a very good reason this story is being showcased here!
But don't worry, I won't spoil it here. I'll recap at the end...

Written by BILL MANTLO with art by DON HECK, enjoy...


So, did you figure out WHY this is on my blog?
Not only is it a pseudo-biographical tale of my working on my "Sanctum" (well... except I don't have a mother breathing down my neck about it, and my wife is smarter than to threaten to "take my toys away") but it also comes down to DOCTOR STRANGE (and Dormammu) to save the day!

If only MY action figures and statues would do that.
I've got HUNDREDS of them... it would be a snap for them.
Better go check to see if any of their hands are smoking.

So, remember to come back next time for an IDOL PURSUITS SPECIAL EDITION deluxe entry - where I present the 
(Which was OFFICIALLY produced by MARVEL)!!
that YOU can download and print out!


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

cool story, having your toys come to life is every kids fantasy at one time or another. it's too bad Bill didn't at least work in a Rom easter egg in there some where though but i'll make a mention of this on the Rom blog none the less.

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