Sunday, September 8, 2013



Of late, I've had the fortune of having some time to devote to getting my Sanctum Sanctorum "man-cave" organized  - as I mentioned [complete with a sneak-peak pic of some display units] in a post a week ago [HERE] - as well as this Tweet (with pic of new UV coated window) [HERE].

However, after more than a year of neglect (and a few years of partially-sorted comics), it's a time-consuming process.

Most likely I'll be rearranging everything!

However, I'd like to introduce you to a special little guy who has stood Sentry as the GUARDIAN of my Collection for many years...

Meet, MacGoot!

MacGoot has been with me since about 1993 - 20 years! 

Back then, I was working at an Antiquarian Book store / Comic Shoppe on Long Island, NY.
This little dragon was a promotional item for Cliffs Notes, and since the owners of the shoppe had no idea what else to do with him, he sat atop the display of those little, yellow plagiarist's handbooks study guides.

Looking into his sad, mournful eyes, I knew that he deserved a better home, and with an "OK" from that department's manager, I liberated the black and yellow dragon.

MacGoot gets a little meta as he approves photo choices for this article.

When I put the department manager, a friend of mine, on the spot to name the little guy, he blurted out the name, "Magoot". However, a proper dragon would probably be Scottish, and as such, I altered it to "MacGoot".

But the very first thing that needed to be done was to cover up the "Cliffs Notes" logo on his chest, so I whipped up an impromptu badge with a "MAGE" inspired lightning bolt symbol (hey, Dragons are magic, so a Mage-inspired badge seemed appropriate).

"I'm now a 21st Century Dragon!"

Thus, as Dragons are legendary guardians of treasure, has MacGoot watched over every incarnation of my Sanctum, in 4 different locations, over all these years.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

~P~, check this out this would make a great posting here and just in general is an all around awesome team up concept
by the way i can't believe you never posted thst Wizard Magazine calender page i sent you earlier this year given that it featured the big 3 all together.

~P~ said...

Hey Shlomo.

I saw that Hellblazer / Doctor Strange mashup this morning (as I receive RSS and google alerts to anything Strange-related).
But thanks for the head's up, as some things DO slip by the filters.

As for the Wizard calendar, well... I HAVE that one and a whole bunch of others (since I used to collect any articles and featurettes featuring Doc or ANY of my "Big 3" - even from Wizard) and figured I'd get around to them as a big post one of these days.

But staying ON TOPIC... what do you think of MacGoot?
He's been with me 20 YEARS! He's older than most comic readers and bloggers!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

not sure what to make of MacGoot. he's pretty off the beaten path of any sort of chotchkies i have around my room that i'm sentimental about. i do own a few "liberated" items of my own but they're of a very different nature then your MacGoot.

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