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Ménage à Trois x3
Three Three-Ways To Sunday


After a LONG dry spell without any affectionate looks or sweet lovin' from CLEA (2 years!), we're finally returning to a much-loved feature here on the Sanctum Sanctorum Comix blog (seriously, the hit numbers on these posts are huge, you perverts) wherein we take a look at Clea's desire for physicality.

This post is the SEVENTH in a series of entries  - previous input in this series can be found at these links:
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Seriously, this has always been a popular feature here, but at some point, I just stopped presenting them - despite their being such a wealth of instances in the comic canon.

Well, to make it up to us, Clea has agreed to grant us nearly every man's dream... the 3-way.

Not just one three-way... but THREE three-ways (sorta).
I'll explain.


As we've shown in every other past edition of the CLEA LOVES SEX series, it is obvious that CLEA...well... LOVES SEX!

That doesn't stop at our reality either. Alternate Realities also present Alternate Lifestyles for the white-haired, other-dimensional princess.

For instance;
In the recent DARK AVENGERS v2 # 185, we are given a glimpse into the twisted world of an Alternate Reality version (or possible future version - it's not clear yet) of Doctor Strange and Clea.

And in this version of reality Clea is still as hot to trot as in any other.

click to make Trois sizes larger.
A three-way (which includes a "furry" pseudo-bestiality partner), plus a Ms. Marvel cosplay and a big creepy gimp in the corner who likes to watch.
Doctor Strange has all bases covered.
Jeff Parker & Neil Edwards = straight-up pimps

Not only that, but as shown here, she's "open" to "alternatives" with her sex with  Doctor Strange, saying; "I love to indulge." And indulge she does, to any who want to join in, since Tigra can't rip off her own top quick enough to get in on the action.

The Tigra aspect of this equation isn't out of the blue either, since she was a live-in "associate" to Doctor Strange in the "Marvel Mangaverse" series.

Japaneriffic! At least she's not wearing a sailor suit.
Scarlet Witch soon teams up with them for a tight team as well.


Still, this isn't the only time that an alternate reality version of Clea was open to a three-way.

In this next case, the BEYONDER had offered each of the Illuminati their heart's desire and Doctor Strange is shown waking up in bed with CLEA & SCARLET WITCH.

(Note: Check the night-stand next to the darker haired woman. That's Wanda's headdress. Just in case you doubt me on this.)

Click pic to Beyonder-size this.
As seen in New Avengers: ILLUMINATI # 3
Clea and Wanda are MY Marvel dream 3-way too.
(y'know... if I had to choose 2  totally fictional woman that are drawn on paper and not at all real to hook up with...
... don't you judge me!)

So... maybe DOC subconsciously has a little something for Wanda, but maybe it isn't JUST DOC who has a little something for Wanda... Clea DOES love Sex, y'know.


The final alternate reality "3-way" is a little more ... complicated, as it takes place in the Amalgam Universe (which is what happened when the Marvel and DC Universes... merged).

Among the many heroes who were created by the Amalgamation process were Dr. StrangeFate and White Witch. 

Click pic to make it Double-D size.
White Witch seems to have the power to make pants tighter. Ba-Zing!

Obviously, White Witch wants to cast a spell on Dr. StrangeFate.

But... I hear you say... that's just two - where's the third person in this so-called three-way?

Well, it would really be a three-by-three way, if Doc was into it.
Y'see...what complicates these two heroes even more is that unlike most other characters, who were only merged versions of 2 characters (ie; "Super Soldier" who was Superman and Captain America or "DarkClaw" who was Bat-Man and Wolverine), this magic couple was comprised of THREE characters each!

Dr. StrangeFate was the merged entities of Professor X and Dr. Fate (and the visual and overall character-aspect of Doctor Strange) while White Witch was the merged version of the Scarlet Witch and Zatanna (with visual and character-aspects of Clea).

Amalgam trading card of Dr. StrangeFate's Aides
Note: White Witch's CLEA shoulder points.
Colorist forgot to make her hair mostly white. I guess he was distracted.

So, even if Dr. StrangeFate turns down White Witch (like he does here, since... I'd imagine having your voice echo in that helmet would give you a headache [though... I gotta tell you, I don't care HOW bad my headache is... there's no way I'm not all-in with White Witch if she asks. Just sayin'.]), and she decided to have her own "girl's night" (you know what I mean)... then she'd still be a three-way unto herself!

It doesn't matter if she's with Doctor Strange or not, in this reality or any other... 


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Strange is in bed with two hot chicks and two panels later he's told by some mysterious voice "all you desire shall be yours". that doesn't make any sense all what else could a guy want!? by the way Ptor check your email i sent you something earlier today i know you're gonna like. it actually would have gone well in this posting.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish that some writer had done a What If story where Stephen and Wanda hook up (both are single - he isn't with Clea and she isn't with the Vision (Pietro might have issues with Strange courting his sister). Any kids that they would have would be powerful!

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