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The X-X-X Edition!

This post is the sixth entry (not counting a few addendum)  in a series of posts wherein we take a look at Clea's desire for physicality.
- (All entries in this series can be found [HERE].)

Today's entry is a Special XXX Edition!
 Oh... and by XXX I don't necessarily mean "Rated XXX", but instead "X" refers to the Roman Numeral "10".
Since today is 10-10-10, this post would naturally be the X-X-X edition.
(Oh, I'm not proud of the deception... but I do so as a "public service". Those google porn surfers love this series. I'd hate for them to miss this one.)

Remember, clicking on pics makes them XXX in size.
(That's XtraXtraXtra Large).


This entry - from
Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 45,
by Chris Claremont (story) and Gene Colan (art)
not only displays one of the multiple instances of Clea questioning her dual role as disciple and lover, but it does show that when, if made to choose between one or the other... well... CLEA LOVES SEX!


The issue ENDS with this steamy panel.

Clea holds down TWO jobs.
One of those jobs seemingly involves GIVING them.

This sensual ending notwithstanding, the issue shows Clea running more hot and cold than a sneaker-wearing penguin with a flamethrower.


The scene is set, innocently enough, with Doctor Strange meeting Clea for a romantic, fully-posh dress-up lunch at the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

The day starts off well enough, Strange being charming and Clea seemingly in a pleasant state of being.

However, as many can attest from personal experience, such a tenuous, delicate balance is not easily held.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, Clea pulls a dark, angry and accusational mood from her bag.
Much like many "normal" men, Stephen Strange is blithely ignorant of the deeply held concerns of his lady love, and worse still, is clueless to his own failings in the situation.
But, that's why his title isn't "Master of the Romantic Arts".

In all honesty, and to her defense, Clea is suffering with several very serious personal dilemma.
The first of which;
She feels as alien on Earth as one to whom calls home a Dark Dimension of magic could possibly expect.

But that isn't the worst of it...

With Clea essentially at the precipice of a total breakdown, Strange pulls off the best "magic trick" of all:
calming her and managing to open a civil discourse with his beloved disciple.

Ah... but "beloved / disciple" is indeed the very crux of the situation...

You'll note that Clea states that since she feels useless as Strange's disciple, she is willing to stay on as his lover.
Doc knows that her emotions and feelings are at a dangerous place right now, and he has to tred carefully, and with great sensitivity in order to steer this in the right direction.

Of course, for most men, saying "we need to talk more of this" while engaging in a passionate kiss really means; "Let's do anything else but talk more about this. Now give me some sugar, baby".

However, Stephen Strange is a gentleman and a scholar (and not just book-smart either) as he knows that he had best diffuse the situation with some Tender Loving Care.

A long, lazy afternoon with relaxing fun and a romantic carriage-ride home is just what the Doctor ordered.

Guys? Check it. Doc is TOTALLY scoring points here. THAT is how it's done.

So that, when a mystic battle with the demonic N'Garai erupts in Doc's sub-basement, Strange is able to alleviate Clea's fears with some well chosen words.

Words that do more than quell Clea's mixed concerns for the time being.
Words that spur her on to strive to be the BEST, most adept disciple and BEST, most ardent lover possible.

And of course, to make sure he leads the dialogue along with a carefully leading line.
One that Clea picks up the meaning and replies accordingly.

Doc: "You've done work enough this night as my disciple..."
Clea: "...But as LOVER... my work has only just BEGUN!"

Damn. Strange is smooth.
He played that just right - because he knows...


"Tamam Shud!"


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Who'd have thought that Dr. Strange could give Tony Stark a run for his money in the romance department. That artist's style was well suited for that story in this issue. I especially like the way the dinner scenes were drawn. Don't forget ~P~, I'm holding your feet to the fire to see new ROM stuff soon you spoke of on my blog :)
speaking of which, I'll be posting the cover of an issue of ToyFare magazine either today or tomorrow that features all ROM stuff including a new action figure.

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