Friday, October 1, 2010

ROM; Space-Toaster
Half-baked blog-post.

Over at the "BLOG FOR ROM FANS WHO AREN'T DICKS" (no, really... that's the name of the blog - check it out [HERE]), the proprietor posted a snippet for a proposed fan-based anthology to continue the ROM ; SPACEKNIGHT saga.
The specific post can be found at this link [HERE].

While the posted idea for their spin-off story strikes me as "needs more thought", since it would, in essence erase everything that came from issue # 43 to the end of the series in # 75 as little more than a dream-sequence, I thought the very idea of a fan-based anthology to be a fun idea.

Hell... there are FAR worse fanfic concepts buzzing about the intertubes (usually dealing with sexxy furries getting it on with Gambit and Nightcrawler, Rogue, a gay Batman, and Sailor Moon, but I digress).

I tossed out a stupid concept that just popped into my head while reading it and posted it as a comment.
I'd like to share that synaptic misfire with you all.
I mean why should I be the only one to suffer by my dementia.


MY idea for ROM # 76 is for him to save untold worlds by using his "toaster-head" to make satisfying toaster-pastries to satiate Galactus' awesome hunger.

Every issue would see a new world and a new way for ROM to bake wholesome, nutritious goodness into life-saving morsels.
All the while, cosmic entities, like EGO the Living Planet and the SPHYNX try to steal Galactus' lunch.

Think of it as a series of "Hostess Fruit Pie" ads *, but with a lot of punching.


The concept for this ill-conceived bit of stupidity basically arises from my days as a youth, reading ROM and a friend of mine (the one who got me INTO comics' collecting in the first place) referring to ROM as SpaceToaster, due to the shape of his head (ROM's, not my buddy's).

Then, oddly enough, in issue # 50, during the "wacky" issue published during "Assistant Editors Month" ** they ran THIS as a one-page back-up.

Story and pencils by BOB HARRIS. Inks by TERRY AUSTIN. Love by ALL FANS.

Thus, ROM; SpaceToaster made it to the printed page via collected thought-energies from the multitudes.

But, still... the idea for a ROM anthology being made and somehow sold to raise money for the medical bills of creator BILL MANTLO, writer of every issue of ROM (who has been incapacitated since 1992, after a hit-and-run driver struck him, causing irreparable brain-damage) would be a grand idea!
Of course, you need not wait for such a possible dream project.

If you've EVER enjoyed an issue of ROM, or any of Bill's other comics (of which there is too long a list to recap here) feel free to make a donation.
Those wishing to make direct donations may send them to Bill's brother Michael who has long been caregiver of his brother.

Michael Mantlo
425 Riverside Dr #12-E
New York, NY 10025

Of course, if PayPal is more your speed, drop by this link to make a direct donation.
Make a private donation to the SPACENITE - BILL MANTLO FUND directly from your Paypal account. 100% of the funds go to Mike Mantlo.
Or, if money is tight, drop a letter to tell how much you love Mantlo's work.


For those who don't know what a "Hostess Fruit Pie" ad was, they were all the rage and are beloved by comic readers of that 1970's-1980's period as a high-water-mark of the "good-old-days".
There are entire web-sites dedicated to them.
Just google "Hostess Fruit Pie comic" and enjoy.

Assistant Editors Month was basically the one month where the Senior Editors were off on some retreat or convention and their assistants were "in charge" of the publications for that month... thus causing wackiness and hilarity to ensue.
Obviously, it was all just a marketing ploy.
Nothing truly erroneous made it to print and it was all a lot of fun.
Heck, google "Marvel Assistant Editors Month" and see what you find.

I did just that, while forgetting to delete "Hostess Fruit Pie" from the navigation and was reminded that, oddly enough, that same "Assistant Editor's Month" the issue of MARVEL TEAM UP # 137 was an issue-long story of Aunt May (becoming herald of Galactus; Golden Oldie) and Franklin Richards quelling Galactus' great hunger with "Twinkles" snack cakes.

Damn... turns out my ROM idea isn't so "original" after all.
But it IS in good company.

Hmmm.... now I want some Pastry Cake goodness.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i have zero problem with your post or link ~P~. it's all about the exchange of ideas and opinions. as long as your participating in a respectful manner it's all good. your toaster oven story reminds me of this Star Wars take off that came out just before or just after Empire Strikes back called Hardware Wars:

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