Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Limericks from the Book of Vishanti
Warning: "Adult" Content Advisory

Over at Neilalien's blog, he is requesting limericks (Dr. Strange related would seem appropriate) in order to test out a new email account at his orbital HQ.

I sent him two that I conjured up on the spot.
Due to lack of time for any serious content on my own blog, I'm posting them here as well - and linking back to Neilalien's request [HERE] - so don't forget to go there and submit your own!)

In keeping with my "Clea Loves Sex" motif, I, of course, focused on her desires.
They're both the same basic idea, but with slightly differing angles (one tame and merely suggestive - the other ... fairly blatant)

Anyone who is easily offended by bawdy limericks or hints at sexuality best move on to other sites for today.


Stepping forth from a sorcerous plume
Doctor Strange dropped the Wand of Watoomb
For by a spell it did shake
And undulate like a snake
So Clea took it back to her room


Doctor Strange granted Clea a treasure
Watoomb's Wand; its worth far beyond measure
In her chamber she'd stay
Using it night and day
For she found it was ribbed for her pleasure


My apologies to any impressionable or sensitive readers out there.
While hardly "Adult" content, I still placed the warning up in the subject header - as a fail-safe.
I don't think it strong enough to actually FLAG as such, however.

I truly need to wrap up my other reviews and get onto other stuff.
Sadly, I have had no time lately.
Packing, packing, and more packing here at the Sanctum as we prepare for a move in the next month or so.

I'll get something new here soon.
In the meanwhile, don't forget to stride over to Neilalien's dimension and send him your own limericks.

"Tamam Shud!"


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