Sunday, March 21, 2010

The sign of the ANKH!...
(well... not really.)

Image from Man-Thing v2 # 4
(Man-Thing drowning poor old Doc.)
Chris Claremont (writer), Don Perlin & Bob Wiacek (artists)
John Costanza (letters),  Ben Sean (colors)

Dang... I was on a roll there with some multiple postings in rapid succession, but I've been feeling very under the weather as of late.

I might not be in "mortal danger" as Doc states (unless my wife finds out that I was doing anything other than resting today... then, I'm a dead man,) but I have been off my game quite a bit these days.

Still, I do owe some promised reviews of the recent Dr. Strange & Dr. Voodoo mini-series' as well as some thoughts on Man-Thing's current comings-and-goings.

There is a "special edition" post that I have nearly ready to go for tomorrow, but it's not anything that was promised.

So, check back again tomorrow for that
(I'll pre-post it so that it appears at midnight tonight). 

Ugh... after I got it all ready to go, I looked up at the calendar and noticed that my "special edition" post isn't "due" until a day next month!
I thought it was a "special day" coming this week.
See? I'm NOT feeling well.

So, I'll have some of those reviews for you soon enough.

I want to get them out of the way before April.

April is going to be a BIG month here. 
(and most of THAT work is already done and in the can!)

I'm going to go lie down now before the ANKH does indeed appear on my brow..

Tamam Shud!


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