Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bizarre Bazaar
Yup... More Swag for Sale!

Yowza! Yowza!

Before we get cranking on the good features to be found in the coming week here on ye olde blog, it's time for another "commercial announcement".

Once again we here at the Sanctum have tossed some collectible goodies up on eBay.

While many items sold, others did not.
So, if you missed out on them this go-round, I'll be relisting them soon with some other cool stuff.
If you want to bypass the whole eBay thing entirely, drop me a line.
email addy :

I'll post a list of the items below.

There are a very few "auction" format sales this time around, focusing instead on the store-type of "Buy-It-Now", so it's "First-come, First-served".

First, the linky to the sales is below:

My items on  eBay

(which can also be found on the sidebar - a little under my photo)

By the way, I don't know what the heck kind of code they write for those things, but when it takes you to the ebay sales page, it scrambles all the listings out of order.
My crack team worked very hard to arrange the listings in a specific order (grouping similar items together) and then ebay just screws it all up.

So, if you are interested, make sure to scroll through all the listings...
*** OR BETTER YET, click the "TIME LEFT" option at the top of the listings. That will reorganize them by how much time is remaining in the sales, and put them in their proper order.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

We ship Worldwide and try to combine shipping costs whenever possible.

*Update Note: As items sell off, I 'll mark them accordingly*

Let's see... what's up there this week?

MIGHTY BEANZ: (these are the only "auction style" items this week)
  • Complete SET of ALL 20 Common Mighty Beanz (Marvel) +1RARE- sold!
  • Set of 8 "X-Men" themed Mighty Beanz (Marvel) Rares- sold!
  • Set of 10 "Spider-Man" themed Mighty Beanz (Marvel) Rares- sold!
  • Set of 10 assorted Mighty Beanz (Marvel) Rares- sold!
  • Set of 12 assorted Mighty Beanz (Marvel) Rares - sold, but not yet paid. Deadbeat Bidder - No payment. Will be relisted.
  • Set of 15 assorted Mighty Beanz (Marvel) Rares - sold!
Super Hero Squad: (all mint in pack)
  • INVISIBLE WOMAN & DR DOOM - (crazy rare) - sold!
  • HUMAN TORCH and the SILVER SURFER - (insanely rare)
  • HULK and WASP - (rare)
Marvel MiniMates - series 1 & Exclusives: (all mint in pack)
  • Exclusive (Tower Records) SILVER SURFER - (Very Rare)
  • Series 1 - HULK & BRUCE BANNER set

DC Pocket Heroes - series 1: (mint in pack)
  • Golden Age DR FATE & SPECTRE (hard to find)

JLU Justice League Unlimited Figures 2005 - LOOSE but mint:
(all from 3-figure multipacks)
  • GREEN ARROW (rare)
  • STARMAN (rare)
  • WONDER WOMAN - variant? (she has "gold and red" bands around her neck and upper arm - most others don't have this)
TEEN TITANS GO! figure - LOOSE but Mint:
  • BUMBLEBEE (extremely hard to find)
Simpsons - World of Springfield: (mint in sealed box)
  • Exclusive Convention COMIC BOOK GUY (never sold in stores)- sold!
Marvel LEGENDS: (Mint in pack)
  • BLACK BOLT (hard to find) - sold!
Marvel LEGENDS ICONS: (mint in package)
  • 12" DR. DOOM (hard to find)
Marvel / Toy Biz Model Kits:
  • HULK - mint in sealed box - sold!
  • GHOST RIDER - mint in box
Marvel Pewter Statuette: (mint in box)
  • NAMOR the Sub-Mariner (hard to find) - sold!
Elfs of the Elven Forest Collection: (mint in box)
  • Rafarin - 8 inch figure/doll - VARIANT (Rare, hard to find)

That's it for this week.

If these don't float your boat, don't worry... we'll have stuff up there every week or two!

Thanks for any support!
I mean, how else am I going to be able to work on the blog?


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