Friday, March 5, 2010

A Deep Breath Before the Plunge...
Gaze Into the Future (repurposed)

Remember this graphic?

"Official" graphic for this feature; "doctored" image from the cover to Strange Tales # 156
(original art by Marie Severin)

It was what I used to utilize for my "Gaze into the Future" posts which gave listings of upcoming comic releases and whatnot.

Well, I haven't done one of those many months, and as such, this header image has languished.
I thought it might be appropriate to use it now as a "herald" to some content that will be coming here soon.

A few new items will be presented here (hopefully) in the next few days, and I'm just using this post as a breather-space to let you know what's coming down the pike:

Reviews, showcasing some (of MY own) original artwork, and hopefully a return to some of the classic series of articles that I have left mid-way here since my "incident".


- Since the STRANGE v2 mini is completed, as is the DOCTOR VOODOO; Avenger of the Supernatural "series", I plan on giving my official reviews of each.

- I'm also going to give a few words on Strange's appearance in the recent story arc of Invincible Iron Man.

- I'd also love to spout a few words on the Macabre MAN-THING and his appearances of late.

I'd ALSO like to take this time to let you all know to run out to your comic shoppes this coming Wednesday (March 10th, 2010) to pick up

I mean, LOOK at this BITCHING cover!
(click to postersize)

How can anyone pass this thing up?
So retro, it calls me back to the times when I first started reading of Strange's adventures (lo' 30 years ago!).

A preview of some pages can be found [HERE].
I hope to have a review of that as well within days of it's release.
*UPDATE : That review can be found [HERE] *



I'll be showcasing some artwork that I have done (starting with some old stuff, even going as far back to my youth) featuring Doctor Strange and his worlds.

But as a sneak peak, I'll post one image that has been seen hither and yon on the web already...


present... some crap drawn by me (PTOR).

(click to make "Louvre-worthy")
pencil artwork by myself- in a style inspired by Alphonse Mucha

This piece was one of several that I had sent in to Wizard magazine for a cover contest back in 2000 (which is why I have the placeholder for a "Wizard" logo up top)

I'll be posting old art like this (some even older stuff, including actual sequential art pages from old submission samples) and some new items (eventually) here, hopefully by April.

There is ALSO a brand-spanking NEW blog dedicated strictly to my artwork. Just opened today!
Some items will be found there as well.
It's to be found [HERE].


So, you can see, while my time to devote to this blog is very hard to come by, I am going to try to redouble my efforts to get some new posts in soon.

But, for now, I need to "supervise" the listing of latest batch of items that are going to go up on ebay this Sunday.


Diabolu Frank said...

I'm really glad I stumbled onto this blog. I cut my teeth on Dr. Strange, and am looking forward to the Strange and Brother Voodoo reviews. I've been hesitant to pick up any of the newer Dr. Strange-related books, but I've already pre-ordered Mystic Hands at a whopping 38% discount (though I'll have to wait several weeks to a month after everyone else to read it.)

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