Monday, August 17, 2009

Titans Three & more!
This week's Auctions!
An Idol Pursuits / 6-Dimensions of Dr. Strange entry.

While busily working, scanning in some (hopefully) truly cool items, for a big upcoming blog post, it came time for yet another batch of collector's items to leave my possession to go
UP FOR SALE on the eBay!.

So, allow me the opportunity to showcase a few items that WERE a part of my collection, but are now, available to YOU
(auctions ending Sunday, 08-23-09).

As with ALL of my posts, clicking pics make them larger for easier viewing.

First up... a trio of some items that I bought new in 1996 - 1997:

Marvel Comic Book Heroes
Pewter statuettes.

Limited edition, Pewter statues highlighting characters from the
GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE ages of comics.



In nifty windowed display box, complete with replica comic of a 1940's era issue.

(Certificate of Authenticity)

The Incredible HULK

(Complete with Certificate of Authenticity)
and a crazy-low production number:
N - 046


* Seriously, how stupid was it for them NOT to have made
the SILVER Surfer as a SILVER Age item?
I mean, REALLY?

(The Surfer has been bequeathed to a very close friend who is a big Surfer fan and thus, is not available.)


The reason I even HAVE these three statuettes is that when they were released (1996 - 1997), the line was in it's infancy, and I was hoping that if there was enough support for the product, that eventually DOCTOR STRANGE would receive similar treatment.

Yet one in a long line of such pie-in-the-sky hopes wherein I put my money on the line for a dream.

Sadly, the line was eventually discontinued and these items vanished into the realm of rare collectible.

Still, these three ARE indeed founding members of the DEFENDERS.
Ostensibly, starting the line-up by first forming as the TITANS THREE in two issues of NAMOR's old mag (Sub-Mariner 35 & 36).
It was their earlier teaming, that led Namor to suggest these fellow heroes as allies when Dr. Strange first sought to form the team that would be known as the Defenders.


However, fret not, I put a Dr. Strange item up for auction as well. If for no other reason than to make the Defenders motif complete (in MY mind, anyway).

Marvel Legends DR STRANGE figure
mint in pack.


Let's see... what else did I have added to the auctions?
Ah... as I started digging out old Action Figures to go up for sale in the next few weeks, I came across the

X-MEN : Evolution

Truthfully, there really is no true tie for why this was in my collection.
I DO have a few Nightcrawler figures, purchased over the years, but that is merely because he (and Cyclops) has always been my favorite X-Man.
There IS a small link between Nightcrawler and Doctor Strange, but mostly stemming from Uncanny X-Men Annual # 4, where the X-Men have Strange guide them into a replica of Dante's Inferno to rescue Kurt Wagner's soul from Margali Szardos.

However, this incarnation of Nightcrawler is from the fairly well done animated series; X-Men Evolution. All in all, not a bad series, really, and a hip, teen-age looking version of my favorite blue mutant.

That's about it for this week.
There are a LOT more items being prepped for next week.


OH, I guess I'll plug a few non-comic items that are up there as well:

Woodstock - Yasgur's Farm - A Day In The Garden

These are items that my wife obtained when she was working as an organizer at one of the concerts being held 10 years ago, during the 30th Anniversary of Woodstock, being held on Max Yasgur's farm (the site of the Original Woodstock festival).
We were living fairly close by to the site at the time.

These were only available AT the 30th Anniversary concerts on the Yasgur's Farm site.
To that end, they are indeed a small piece of Woodstock history, of a sort.

There are a bunch of them up for sale (or Best Offer). They're not on auction. Just a straight up deal.

So, celebrate the 40th Anniversary with your very own (because I can guarantee you, we're not holding onto these for another ten years).

Yes... there IS a Dr. Strange link there too, but I'll get to the Woodstock / Strange stuff eventually.
(It's more a Haight Ashbury link anyway, but Woodstock does factor in as well.)


Thanks for indulging my sales pitch here.

Those are the items up for auction this week.
Remember, the link for eBay sales is on the right side of the blog on the sidebar.
But what the heck...for your convenience
HERE is the link to these eBay auctions.

I'll have the next installment (featuring some interesting Dr Strange goodness) on the blog as soon as I can scan all the original artwork in.

Original Artwork? Hmmmmmmmm...... curious.


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