Friday, August 7, 2009

"Together again"
(ok. not really)

Sorry for the stupid title for this post, but honestly, I couldn't think of anything else.

The reason for it, is that in WIZARD # 215 (September 2009) has DOCTOR STRANGE on the "artist jam" cover *...

featuring - left to right:
(top row) Tony Harris' DR. STRANGE, Marc Silvestri's CAPTAIN AMERICA, Lee Bermejo's WOLVERINE,
(bottom row) Art Adams' THING, Phil Jimenez' SPIDER-MAN & J. Scott Campbell's IRON MAN

And behind that cover is a 5-page article featuring 1970's - 1980's Marvel go-to-guy writer; BILL MANTLO.

Within the article, entitled; "Tragic Talent", written by Christopher Lawrence, is info on the creator, who had suffered brain trauma from a hit-and-run driver, and among his many works was; ROM: SPACEKNIGHT.

The article also features a few illos of ROM.
The double-page spread header for the piece is a bold and colorful piece by Greg Horn.

illo by Greg Horn
ROM is at the top left corner.

One more is in a blurb box, and features artwork by Michael Golden, taken from the cover to ROM # 9.

With quotes and comments by many fellow creators in the comics' field, including; Keith Giffen, Mike Mignola, Carl Potts, Walt Simonson, Roger Stern, and ROM-editor Al Milgrom, the article gives a basic overview of Mantlo's carreers as a comic writer - and later, when he left comics, as a criminal defense attourney.
It also details information of the tragic 1992 accident that lay him low to where he has required constant medical care ever since.

I'm not a consistent buyer of Wizard (haven't bought an issue an ages), but with Doctor Strange on the cover * and Bill Mantlo article with ROM inside, this one was impossible to pass up.

* For the first time since Wizard Magazine #42 (March 1995), Dr. Strange has made the cover! For those who don't recall... #42 had two covers, each with fold-out triptych Alex Ross paintings:
One of Marvel Superheroes & one of the Villains (Dormammu included).



However, the only way to SEE Strange (or Dormammu) was when you folded out the cover to see the whole
image. At least THIS time, Strange is on the front cover!

Unfortunately, Dr. Strange does not appear anywhere INSIDE the issue.
There are minor mentions, however.
In "70 Marvelous Moments"; a tribute to Marvel's 70th anniversary,
# 24 "Steve Ditko Disappears" is the only mention of Strange.

Also in the issue, Strange Tales #110 is listed as one of the 11 "key"
issues in Marvel history.
But WE already knew that.


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