Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dormammu featured in:
Animated series
A "Magic" of Video post
DR STRANGE is to be featured TOO!


My first impression (based on the video teaser - as well as the unfunny "comic" strips) is that this will suck ass... but it IS Dormammu in a new animated series on Cartoon Network.

It seems Dr. Strange is ALSO to be featured in at least one episode.
And, Baron Mordo also.
*Info added at end of post.*

Based on the ass-tacular "Super Hero Squad" mini comics from Marvel (which are far inferior to the old "Mini Marvels / Bullpen Bits" strips), Dormammu (voiced by famed horror-actor; Robert Englund) is a featured baddie.

I WILL admit, that the TOYS are pretty cool though.
Here's the site for all things "Squad"

SO GLAD Doc isn't part of this trainwreck! *
Silver Surfer looks pretty good though.


It seems I spoke too soon.
According to Comics Continuum & Cartoon Network press releases about the show, DOCTOR STRANGE (to be voiced by Roger Rose) (and Baron Mordo - voiced by Dave Boat) are also to be featured.
That makes sense, I guess, since Strange DOES have a couple of "Squad" figures.
Mordo doesn't as of yet. Nor does Dormammu.
That may change soon enough.
VALYRIE (Michelle Trachtenberg) ALSO seems be on the list to be featured!
As is - 'natch - DR. DOOM (Charlie Adler) !

While I was hoping to avoid this cartoon, it looks like I'll, at least, have to catch a few episodes.

Truthfully, take a look at THIS image of a strange "evil" cityscape.

The design is AWESOME!
Perhaps, this might not be as bad as my "Spidey-Sense" is indicating?
I'll have to wait and see.
For show information check THIS out.
For full voice-over casting info, look HERE.

* UPDATED INFO * with VIDEO and pics of DR STRANGE and MORE in a new post [HERE].


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