Sunday, February 22, 2009

(MAN)-THING's that make you go "HRRRM"

While I truly DO need to do an info-dump on all the recent appearances of Doctor Strange & Co. in the recent week's comic hauls, this ONE item stood up from the swamp - stretched it's head skyward and uttered... "HRRRM".

From Ghost Rider (from whatever the hell volume this is now) # 32
While the many Ghost Riders / Spirits of Vengeance / Angels / Demons wage war between the Gates of Heaven and the Pits of Hell... many earthly (and unearthly) figures sense the disturbance; among them -
Brother Voodoo

Man-Thing, trying out for the role of Rorchach.
Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Tan Eng Huat

Many people (well... the Man-Thing fans of the world) might tell you that having Man-Thing make any kind of vocalization is just wrong.

I'm not that dead-set against it.
It HAS happened quite a few times in the publication history of the character (I can easily bat off at least 4 or 5 instances right now from off the top of my head, but I'd MUCH rather make a long, rambling post about it one day in the future).

I've noted before that the occasional utterance by Man-Thing is acceptable, even though it has long been stated that he (it) does not possess the power to speak (or even a MOUTH with which to do so), I still feel that with ample prodding (infliction of pain of a level that even he (it) can feel, psychic assault, mystical mamma-jammas) that SOUNDS can indeed be heard emanating from the Man-Thing's maw (or whatever he's (it's) still got behind the tubers).

Heck, it's just nice to see him getting some attention - especially in a top-flight book!
(Not to mention that it's always good to see Brother Voodoo - whose been getting a lot of exposure lately. Nice!)

I've also said it before, and I'll say it again, Ghost Rider is now one of the BEST books that Marvel is putting on the spinner racks today.

Fire up your flame cycle and go gets some.
Don't wait for the Man-Thing to tell you.


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