Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ROM Swiped-Knight
Rob Liefeld obviously owns some ROM comics


Lately, I find that I unintentionally give less attention on this blog to ROM SPACEKNIGHT than I would like.

Oh, no.
Not at all.

 ROM SPACEKNIGHT cover art by Frank Miller.

It isn't that I like ROM any less than the other characters that garner my interests (Doctor Strange & Man-Thing, among others).

Oh, no.
Not at all.

In fact, ROM was integral to my discovering Doctor Strange (as related in this blog post [HERE]).

However, since ROM is sort out of the public eye (no comic in many decades and with the rights tied up in legal limbo - no comic soon to be forthcoming either), it's easy to focus more on characters that are still current.

But that isn't to say that others don't keep ROM fresh in their sight.

Oh, no.
Not at all.

Many comic creators still dabble with the various ROM characters; the Dire Wraiths, Hybrid and so on, who ARE properties of Marvel comics.

And still, some creators keep their ROM comics out where they can obviously be used as creative fodder.

Rob Liefeld is such a creator.

He obviously has a copy of ROM # 17 lying around.
How do I know?
Well... take a look at this cover that Rob Liefeld drew for the current issue of HAWK and DOVE (# 7).

Look familiar?
Take a closer look and then check out the cover of ROM # 17 at the top of the post.
Sure, he changed some of it a little... but that is a swipe of the ROM cover if ever I saw one.

For those who may not be privy to the term, a "swipe" is when an artist basically copies another, earlier work and doesn't give any proper credit to the original artist. They just copy it and call it their own.
That is not to be confused with an "homage". An homage is an intentional replication, with some alterations, as needed, intended to remind viewers of the earlier piece - or just give a creative "nod" to the one that came before.

Homages are tributes to great artists who came before.
Swipes are not.

Oh, no.
Not at all.

When I first saw the cover to Hawk and Dove # 7, I immediately did a "double-take", saying essentially; "What-the-wha?"
I KNEW I saw that cover pose before.

The arm position of Hawk, with one clawed hand swiping down.
Heck, Hawk's entire body is in the same position as Wolverine's.

The furtive, helpless pose of Dove, held aloft by a much more powerful captor, standing spread-legged in a power-pose.
I KNEW it... but I originally thought it was a swipe of a Spider-Man cover.

But then, it hit me.

Because, it is not the first time that Mr. Liefeld used a ROM cover for his own ends.

Oh, no.
Not at all.

Take a look below.

New Mutants v1 # 91
See the background?
The stone cavern wall with the skull lodged in it, and the skeletal remains in the water?
Even the pose of CABLE and the fact that his enemies lurk around the corner...

Now take a look below, at the cover of ROM # 9, by Michael Golden.


Rob Liefeld isn't very good.

Oh, no.
Not at all.


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dude, you should submit the cover art in this posting to this guy's blog: http://ilovecomiccovers.blogspot.com/
assuming you don't happen to know about it already you'll understand why i think you should share what you have here when you go there.

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