Saturday, March 10, 2012

And Now A Few Words From...


And now a few words from IRON FIST:

from DEFENDERS v4 # 1 - by Matt Fraction & the Dodsons

Iron Fist expresses a sentiment that I all-too-often also echo;

“The older I get, the more life seems to be the stupid, frustrating stuff that gets in the way of you and reading comics…”

Amen, brother. Amen to that.
However, you can also add; "and Blogging about Comics"... since I have SO MANY posts in the half-ready stage - but just can't seem to get the time to wrap up:
- my multi-point series of posts on the "5 Fingers of Death for Doctor Strange"
- Reviews:
  • Defenders v4 # 3
  • Defenders v4 # 4  
- And many other cool surprises!

I'll have to toss a few "stand-by" posts up on ye olde blog (although, nothing is "filler" - just stuff I was hoping to do later).

Expect one tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I loved that panel (actually one of many)! Picked up my copy of Defenders #4 this weekend. Looking forward to your keen review, oh Wise Doctor Strange Guru!

Anonymous said...

After reading your earlier reviews, I actually waited to pick up #1-4 at the same time because I needed #4 to explain the out of character #1 Doctor Strange so I wouldn't be left screaming and raving at the Marvel powers that be.

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