Saturday, February 25, 2012

Neilalien : Not Quite Gone - Never Forgotten

When someone has been a part of your life for a long time, and then, they are suddenly no longer there, it is inevitable that there be a period of mourning - whether they be deceased or having merely moved on.

Such is the case today, on the 1st year anniversary of the recusal of long-time comics blogger; NeilAlieN.

Seriously. He was the very first comics blogger, having detailed the published existence of Dr. Strange, his peripheral worlds (including the real-world connections, such as famed creator Steve Ditko), as well as the business of comic book publishing... for 11 continuous years.

Every comics blog owes a debt of thanks to the he who came before all others, as there was no such thing as a comic blog before he invented the format which all others emulate - in some capacity - to this day.

It should be known, he hasn't totally forsaken his blog, as he is still posting occasional links to news and items of interest... from his orbital HQ.

Still, it would be a poor thing if this day was not honored - at least for this, the first year, in commemoration of the day a trailblazing maverick decided to step back and admire what he hath wrought...

...from his orbital HQ.


Neilalien said...

Thanks, Sanctum! Excelsior!

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