Sunday, February 26, 2012

The RESULTS of a Reader-Participation Post

Last month, I posted a contest, of sorts, asking for suggestions to just what it might have been that Doctor Strange whispered to Red She Hulk in order for her to transform back to her human self in DEFENDERS v4 # 2. That post can be found - [HERE] (My complete review of the issue can be found [HERE]).

As anyone who read the issue (or even just my post(s) on it) knows, Red She Hulk needed to be SCARED in order to revert back to her human persona (that of Betty Ross). But, as a 7 foot tall, invulnerable, super-strong powerhouse, one can only imagine that it isn't an easy task to find something with which to sufficiently scare her. Even harder; imagine what could be so terrifying to be able to frighten her by it merely being whispered into her ear.

However, as seen in that issue of Defenders, Doctor Strange did just that.
The catch being, that the readers were not made privy to what was said. Only that it scared the living heck out of her, and that she then referred to Strange as; "the Creep".

So, to that end, I posed the aforementioned hypothetical question / contest to see what you, my readers, thought Doctor Strange may have said.  My own entry can be found at the original post - [HERE]. Your entries are now revealed below:


Fanfix left a slew of entries; each as odd as the last. The best were:

"I’ve never been so hard.";

"...demonic, pants, fantastic, farewell!"
H went classic Star Wars-ian with...
 "Betty... I am your father."

DrFurball actually went to the effort of using the template I provided and produced an actual image.
click to embiggen

H came up to bat again with a few new entries:
Starting with the appropriately meta;
"Your character is currently being written by Matt Fraction!"
And then continuing with the near-winner;

"I picture every woman I meet in Clea leggings. And Namor."
And the unnerving;
"Did I mention I'm an OB/GYN?"
Bill tossed his hat in the ring with a last minute entry;
"Rick Santorum is beating Obama."

And... the WINNER, with the absolutely MOST TERRIFYING thing that ANYONE could say to a fictional character is...


This entry  (which I photoshopped into the entry presented above) was submitted by an "anonymous" commenter.

Such a shame, because the PRIZE for the Winning Entry was to be a truly awesome and valuable one - I was to appear at your home, or place of employment - in full Dr. Strange costume - and give to the winner a mint copy of Strange Tales # 110 - signed by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (and the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge).

Oh well... better luck to everyone next time!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I won! That makes my head cold a little easier to bare. I might print out your photoshopped version. :)

PS; I think the signed mint copy will be safer in your hands anyway.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!

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