Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tweets From A Twit.
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Due to my new job - which requires me to be up at 3AM and asleep by 9PM - much of my productivity for personal matters (blogging!) has been severely curtailed.

Not ended.

This is because the job is of a "split-shift" and allows me time to rush home midday and maybe type a few words (like I am doing right now) before cramming a sammich down my gullet, checking in on the kitties and rushing back to work.

Still, I have several nearly completed postings almost ready to go, but until they are done I am still using the TWITTER (as you can see by the Tweet box on the sidebar over to the right). ----->
While I am away from my keyboard, I still have stupid rambling thoughts, and for those of you who may think that my normal posts are overly long and verbose with blathering bloviation (ALL of you think that - admit it. I know!)... you'll appreciate that Twitter Tweets are regulated to a mere 140 characters per Tweet.

So, even though I may not be blog posting each day, I Tweet on Twitter like... a Twit.


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