Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, HELL...

Mephisto is my weatherman...
From the awesome original graphic novel:
Doctor Strange / Dr. Doom : Triumph and Torment
by Roger Stern, Mike Mignola and Mark Badger

Mephisto reserves a very special circle of hell for certain unusual trespassers...
It would seem that I fit that description.

Ladies and Gents...

My most humble apologies, but it has been a SCORCHER the past few days and, as such, I have yet to be able to work on my review posts.
With more 90 degrees Fahrenheit days forecast for the rest of the week, the reviews that I promised will post, but not as frequently as I had originally planned.

My workroom is unfortunately located in the upstairs south-west of the house and as such, bakes like the deepest pits of Hades preventing my being able to work for long (also, I fear for the life of my computer if it is left running for long in that temperature level).

We're also expecting some serious thunderstorms - again, and since I don't have a proper battery back-up... I don't wish to run the risk of frying out my HD each time it gets shorted out.

I might be able to type out the blog posts on my wife's computer, which is in a cooler part of the house. Hers is an old sucky machine (which she uses JUST for typing and a little web-based researching), but my software (Photoshop and such) are on this one, and that's how I process my pics.

With luck, I'll be able to cobble together something for tomorrow.

I wouldn't lie about that.
As it IS, blogging about (not) blogging is a SIN!
If I added lying about blogging to that, then Mephisto would use me as his own personal thermometer.

Rectal, needless to say!

"Tamam Shud!"


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