Saturday, May 22, 2010

In The Absence of Druidic Tomes...
Book and Comic Reviews!

Due to computer "situations", real-life intrusions and packing up the old Sanctum for a move, I haven't had much time for any "real" posts as of late (or any of my other "projects") but I have been able to get in some reading these past nights... so...

There will be book and comic reviews in the following days!

(Sadly, it's the only thing I can blog about that doesn't really require much time on the computer or away from packing and such, while still job-hunting.)

Reviews will be for the following:
(not necessarily in the following order)

As the reviews are completed, I will come back here and activate links to each in the titles below.

- as well as the following paperback novels (all of which feature Dr Strange or a member of his supporting cast / villains):

* BTW, Check out the right sidebar in the "WHAT I'M READING" section, or take a look at these Amazon links to order your own.

Spider-Man : Darkest Hours
by Jim Butcher

Doctor Strange and Wong aid Spider-Man in an epic battle with totemic power eaters.
Black Cat and Rhino co-star


Fantastic Four: The Baxter Effect
by Dave Stern

Ben Grimm gets lost with the Mad Thinker in an alternate universe.
Doctor Strange gets several mentions.
Agatha Harkess is featured.


Fantastic Four: What Lies Between
by Peter David
Dormammu teams with the Psycho-Man to destroy the Earth dimension.
Doctor Strange gets several mentions.


Fantastic Four: Doomgate
by Jeffrey Lang

Someone tinkers with Victor Von Doom's college experiment to pierce dimensional barriers.
Dr. Strange garners mentions.
Maybe more... just started this one.

And maybe... this (non-Doc) novel of English Magic.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
- by Susanna Clarke

A tale of two magicians and the return of ancient, fairy-based English Magic.

- hardcover-


I'll do my best to complete one every few days.


Anonymous said...

Oh I have got a question.....A few years ago there was a pilot t.v. series called strange that had to do with demons and such, was it to be a t.v. series for Doctor Strange (I'm trying to get more info).

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for the Doctor Voodoo review.
Glad to see it's coming in time for the trade.

Oh! Here is an answer to the anonymous "samsallspark" guy above me

That "Strange" tv show was a UK show about a former priest who battles demons and other occult things.

Nothing about Dr. Strange except for the similar occult theme.

It lasted one season - 7 episodes.

Here are links...

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Sanctum Sanctorum FEVER review !!
I think I remember your early comments on the 'Strange' series when you posted the 'This year's Best and Worst Doc comix'

Totally different comment :

Which comics did Stephen appeared these days?
I lost track in the middle of Dark Reign.

~P~ said...


Yeah, the "STRANGE" review isn't going to be all that favorable (with a few exceptions).

The reviews are going to take a *little* while longer than I had hoped (weather conditions are making working a bit difficult).

And the FEVER review will probably be among the last of them (since the final issue has yet to ship).

However, for the Doc completist, he has been seen as of late in the following (since Dark Reign):

- New Avengers # 59, 60
(after the whole "Search for the next Sorcerer Supreme" nonsense)

- the Dr. Voodoo mini.

- Invincible Iron Man # 21 - 24

- Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange # 1
(which I reviewed HERE )

- X-Men Forever # 24 (a bit of a flashback tale during the time of the Defenders; Hellcat, Gargoyle, Valkyrie...)

- The Sentry : Fallen Sun # 1 one-shot

- Girl Comics # 2

- Avengers v4 # 1

- Origins of Marvel Comics # 1 (just a 1-page origin rehash)

There may be a couple of others, but they are minor or "non-canon" stories.

The SANCTUM SANCTORUM was featured (with Wong in a speaking role) in Amazing Spider-Man # 627

I hope that helps to bring you up to date.

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