Thursday, May 14, 2009

If ever I needed a hero... NOW would be the time.

Hello again, dear visitors to the Sanctum.

My most humble apologies for the long delay between posts, but, as you may have found by reading my most "recent" post [HERE], I have been downsized by my employer and there is a serious possibility that my wife and I (and our feline "children") could lose our house and potentially be homeless before long... unless I can get a good position (not too likely these days- especially since A) I'm primarily an illustrator - and those gigs are few and far between - and - B) I was telecommuting from my home studio/office for the past 3 and a half years) or can manage to sell off the (near)-entirety of my collection and other swag that we've got around here.

Since unemployment laws state that I could lose my benefits (which haven't even kicked in yet) if I even lift a finger to perform anything even remotely resembling "work" (whether it pays or not), I will have to let my wife (and possibly my brother) take care of all the sales aspects to this endeavor.

As for me, I need to search for actual work (most likely in a non-art-related field) and will be attempting to blog about the items that are going up on the eBay auction block.

Don't look for reviews of comics or any of my usual nifty history-lessons and such here for awhile.
It's been hard enough just trying to sleep without having Nightmare shocking me awake at 2am every night - in a cold sweat and paralyzed in the grip of fear - due to the reality of the situation.
I haven't read (nor can I really afford) any comics since the layoff happened.

It may be a few more days until anything goes up for auction.
This unemployment situation caught me completely flatfooted and we need some time to organize.

However, I will TRY to give blog-posts, giving details about the stuff that will be available.
And yes... there's a chance my Sanctum Sanctorum Comix collection - in it's entirety - may become a part of the sales parade.

Perhaps that is why I have it all --- so that my heroes may save us and our home from destruction.

All the best to you.



plok said...

Deep breaths, P-Tor...Sanctums always get magically put together after they're destroyed, don't they?

I'm sure you'll get a little luck.

Shadow Mood said...


If it is any consolation, I know people who've sold off part or even all of their collections, and then later on re-purchased those same collections. And, they've even gone beyond their original accumulation of ephemera. Just food for thought. Also, I'm betting friends like Neilalien will spread the word if you decide to sell comics, etc. Thanks for keeping us posted.

B. Blake Paris said...

Do you have a resume?

~P~ said...

Thanks for the positive vibes, guys.

At this point I honestly have NO idea how things are going to go down.

plok, I had that same thought as well... but if I DO have to dismantle the Sanctum, there's no way I'll be able to replace many of the one-of-a-kind items (or uber-rare things) that are lurking about.

It might be where I just read comics as a hobby and let the "super-collecting" go by the wayside. (Sadly, I haven't read a single issue since the downsizing. I have NO idea what's going on.)

But, with all that is besetting us from all sides... we need more than a little luck.

I once gave up collecting waaay back when I was a lad, and then soon re-bought everything and more.
But that was back in the very early 1980's.
At this stage in the game, there's too much stuff to get back once it's gone.

I'm hoping to use the web to help promote the stuff when it does go up for sale.
I wouldn't want to have Neilalien shill for me.
If he does, well... that's his call.
He's a good guy, and I wouldn't hold him to anything.

If only I still had a decent computer.
My job took back the one I was using for the past few years, and my home machines are for shit.

I need to spend some money and upgrade.
It'll be a worthwhile purchase.

B. Blake Paris,
Well... I do have a resume, but I have to update it ASAP.
It's very out of date.

I haven't touched it in the 7 years since I got my last job (which I KNOW was dumb, but I was pretty indispensable there for that amount of time and it looked like a very long-term gig).

I was working from my home studio/office and telecommuting my work via internet for as long as I had been IN the corporate HQ.
Nearly 3.5 years in each set-up.
I kinda felt that as long as I cranked out my work and stayed under the radar, I'd be fine.

Even when the economy started to sour, I still felt pretty confident.
Wary, but mostly confident.

Not anymore.

Anyway... if you know of any leads, send them my way via the email address on the sidebar.

As always, I appreciate you guys and thank you for the kindness.


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