Tuesday, May 19, 2009

By the Hoary Hosts of the High-Speed Modem!

Hello once again, my friends.

This is just an update to let you know that while my helpers are working on getting my stuff up on the eBay, it's taking a bit longer than we had expected.

I used to blog (rather quickly, I might add, and mostly late at night) via the Macbook Pro laptop computer than I was given by my ex-employer.
It was a thing of beauty.

However, now that the machine has been lost to me (taken back by the job), I am left with a few very outdated tower machines (and a horrid Dell laptop that needs to be taken out into the field and given the "Office Space" copy machine treatment).

So, long story short... it's taking a little longer than expected to get things up and running.

However, I'd imagine that the first wave of items will be ready to go soon, and then it should be a constant stream of stuff.

I'm having them release to the masses some NON-Sanctum swag in the first few waves.
(y'know... just in case a miracle happens)

This is still primo stuff.
Lots of vintage swag, old out-of-print TPB's, hardcovers, games, toys, posters, statues, action figures, apparel, pinbacks and buttons, entire runs of comics (anything from SANDMAN, HELLBLAZER, STARMAN, MAGE, An unbroken run of X-MEN from # 95 all the way to the mid-late 1990's. And every other title known to geeks worldwide). Marvels, DC's, independents, oddities and rarities.
Silver age goodies. Bronze Age too. Modern titles and variants as well.

And it's not just comic stuff either.
I've got the original VERTIGO TAROT - in VG/NM condition, old TSR game modules and hardcover guides.

All stuff that I was supposed to have used as starter stock for a comic shoppe that we had wanted to open many years ago (hence the name; "Sanctum Sanctorum Comix").

THEN, when (and if I need to put) the Doctor Strange and my personal Sanctum Sanctorum Comix collection up for grabs... well... look out!

I have things in there that I had so fervently wished to share with the world via this blog.
Rarities, one-of-a-kinds, impossible-to-find stuff and some fairly common but still super-cool goodies - I get excited just thinking about it all.
I might be able to still blog about the stuff as it's going up for sale, but the orderly manner in which I was carefully crafting here (prior to all of this) may have to be sacrificed.

That's bothering me almost as much as the thought of having to unload it all.

As for me... I need to update my resume and continue looking for gainful employment.
If anyone out there knows of a place where a very creative, dedicated and detail oriented artist/ illustrator/ designer/ storyboard artist (and sometimes writer & voice-over guy) with extensive Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (as well as other software and traditional hand-drawing) experience (as well as being web-savvy and a heck of a nice guy) can get a telecommuting gig (I'll be picking up the new laptop soon enough) - OR a good in-house position anywhere from Eastern PA to NYC... just send a note via the email addy on the sidebar.

Sadly, I have found it to be all too true:
It's sometimes not WHAT you know... but WHO you know.
And I know you people are some of the greatest I've "met" in years.

Thanks everyone.
Watch this space for more updates.

And EVENTUALLY, I'd like to get back to actual BLOGGING here.
(wouldn't THAT be nice?)


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