Sunday, August 18, 2013


I've been dying to blog here the past few weeks (and I've a few GREAT posts in the works, mostly dealing with SUMMERTIME themes of SUMMER MOVIES and MUSIC - but in the case of this blog, all the Doctor Strange related flix and trax in my collection).

However, since I've been underwater with my real-world responsibilities (which seemed to have reached tsunami-levels in the summer), and can't get to finish those time-consuming blogposts, I'll treat you to some quick and easy Summer-Time Eye-candy instead!

Taken from the assorted MARVEL SWIMSUIT SPECIALS of the 1990's (1992-1995), here are some speedo and bikini-clad images of DR. STRANGE and his lovely lady friends, CLEA & the SCARLET WITCH (and NIGHTMARE too apparently - which IS a bit Nightmarish). ENJOY!

DOCTOR STRANGE by P.Craig Russell & Tom Smith

CLEA by Jeff Johnson & Dan Panosian & Tom Smith

 SCARLET WITCH and CLEA by Kevin Maguire & Tom Smith

 DR. STEVENS (Dr. Strange's magic clone - long story) by Tom Morgan & Tom Smith

NIGHTMARE & ROXANNE by Joe Bennett, Mike Witherby & Sean Tiffany

SCARLET WITCH by Adam Hughes

I'll try to get something fresh up here on the blog before summer ends...

May the Wafting Winds of Watoomb keep thee cool!


Anonymous said...

First one's best. Then maybe the last for second.

Lee Seitz said...

Is the blonde Dr. Stevens is holding (4th panel) anyone in particular?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

eye candy blog postings always work.

~P~ said...


I WOULD have said "it depends on what you'd rather be looking at - dudes or chicks (not that there's anything wrong with either)"... BUT, P.Craig Russell is friggin' AWESOME and even if he drew nothing but a table, lamp and a banana, I'd have to say it was the best!

But then, yes... Adam Hughes' Scarlet Witch is definitely 2nd.


As far as I know, the only 2 women who are distinguishable as ANYONE in particular are STORM and POLARIS, and only because of their hair color.

Tom Morgan isn't all that great an artist on this piece.
Take a look at the curly-haired woman who is "holding" Dr. Stevens' knees.
She is practically in the far foreground, but she is supposedly holding knees which are further back.
Then the young girl who has Doc's ankles seems SO far back that his legs must be 6 feet long to account for the distance.
The raven-tressed beauty (Sersi?) holding his left elbow is located further back than the woman holding his knee.

And then you have assorted females in the background holding up... something. I don't know what.

Bad. Bad drawing.


Yes. Yes they do.

Mark said...

Hey Ptor, not Doctor Strange or speedo-related but I thought you would want to know that Randy Bowen (Bowen Designs) just started a poll to see if there is any interest in a ROM statue

Anonymous said...

Would like to see Baron Mordo pull this off.

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