Thursday, November 22, 2012

DO's and DON'T's for a HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2012!

To help ensure that everyone has a truly
this year, I thought I'd offer a few DO's & DON'T's as to how to go about it - as exemplified by some of my favorite Marvel Comics characters.

First off; remember that while it might be traditional to have a roast turkey (or other such fowl), it isn't necessary.
Perhaps some TOFUrkey as a tasty and humane alternative.
That roast bird might be someone you know.

Howard The (roast) Duck.
"Waugh!" indeed.

I know the recipe says to "dress" the bird, but I don't think the hat and tie were really what they meant.


Also, when preparing for visitors or if you are visiting others, remember to dress your best and offer to help set the table. Perhaps bring a centerpiece. And try not to drink too much. Drunkenness is not attractive.

Doctor Strange may have misunderstood the proper etiquette for centerpiece display.
And Wong seems to have got smashed before he finished tidying up.
(smashed against a wall, that is...)


And don't be afraid to tackle cooking multiple items at once. It's not easy to be a proper chef on such a big holiday, but don't let it scare you.

Because, whosoever knows fear BURNS at the Man-Thing's touch.


But most important of all, when enjoying your meal, be sure to walk away from the table BEFORE you feel full. There's nothing that will ruin your festivities than the bloated feeling that you will burst!

Dang... shouldn't have had the third helping of sweet potato pie there, Manny.


So, those are my helpful tidbits for your approval to help ensure a very merry, safe, healthy and

*All tips and pics from DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE (2012) # 1-4


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