Friday, April 22, 2011


Just a quick post today.

In celebration of EARTH DAY, I went to the local recycling plant and dropped off a bunch of old computer monitors (5 of them) and some old electronics, a broken tea-machine (like a coffee-maker, but for tea-drinkers like myself), some old worn surge protector strips, extension cords and whatnot, that would otherwise have polluted the planet in some landfill.

Many retail stores will accept old monitors, but they sometimes charge you a fee for "glass handling" or somejunk. Nevermind that they just resell the items to junk dealers or trade them in for a profit all their own.

Instead, if you can't give away old electronics, or donate them to a worthy cause or charity (many schools would LOVE your throw-away old monitors - and will give you a tax-deduction for your donation), then at least make sure to drop them off at a recycling center or salvage yard, where they will be processed properly and the harmful chemicals and agents inside of them.
The guy there even PAID ME cash money for the wiring (there's copper wiring in the surge protector strips and extension cords).

It's always best to not pollute Mother Earth.

She will be ever grateful.
(And... heck, you could make a few bucks.)

The DEFENDERS visit GAEA; (aka; MOTHER EARTH) from Defenders v2 # 12
Story: Kurt Busiek and Jo Duffy. Pencils: Ivan Reiss. Inks: Randy Emberlin. Colors: Tom Smith.

For more on Doctor Strange's history of saving Gaea, check out LAST year's Earth Day post [HERE].


David H. said...

and then there's me who still is using the old school type of monitor that looks like a television set sitting on my desk at home.
by the way ~P~ have checked your email in the last few days? i sent you something that's pretty much all about the SANCTUM SANCTORUM COMIX blog.

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