Monday, March 23, 2009

The Sorcerous Sauce...

The past few weeks have been brutal.
Replace Doc's bottle of Vodka * with one of Bourbon, and that's me there **.

* Don't worry. He doesn't take the drink.

**I however, will. ***
I may even imbibe out of my Doctor Strange toon tumbers.

*** I'll avoid driving my sports car into a tree though ****...
The likelihood of my hooking up with a centuries-old Tibetan monk and his teaching me the mystic arts is pretty slim.

****Even slimmer than the chances that I would even HAVE a sports car.


Monique said...

Make mine a double!

I covet your toon tumblers and must find a way to make them mine!

*Note to self: buy more Woodford.

I only vaguely know what's happening now with Doc. I'm having enough trouble with the Civil War issues I'm reading (shameless backlink:


I'm almost afraid to find out.



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