Monday, November 10, 2008

The ANKH burns upon my brow!

... I am LATE in my posting!

(image from Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Arts # 41
- Chris Claremont, Gene Colan, Dan Green)


I had hoped to have the promised MARVEL WORLD post up this Sunday night, but real life got in the way and Sunday turned to Monday turned to Monday night...

I didn't want to leave you faithful few hanging without word as to the whereabouts of the write-up, so here I am with my "mea culpa".

It's nearly finished, but it's turned into a LONG post, filled to bursting with pics and descriptive text. A veritable tome of a blog post.
Surely worth the extra time (I hope).

So, please check in tomorrow... night? Or Wednesday.
If it's later than that, I'll HAVE to make it into a super-deluxe, mega-awesome post to more than make up for the delay.

And I'll have to give you all $10.00. *

* no one is getting the $10.00


Anonymous said...

Hello mate I saw your post over on the marvel figurine blog and I just wanted to show you a custom I made from scratch. Seems as your a Doc Strange I was wondering what you thought of my Shuma Gorath figurine. My blog is:

and my Shuma Gorath is under this post:

Let me know what you think bud. Nice blog BTW and I'm now a follower

~P~ said...

Hello, right back at'cha!

I was hoping my comment there would spark some debate (a Shuma Gorath figurine? Who wouldn't want THAT?!?).

Turns out, YOU actually MADE one, and not only that... but also IN-BETWEENER, whom I was also going to nominate (but thought no one would know who the heck I was talking about).

And, not only THAT, but you did an AWESOMELY FABULOUS job at them and ALL of your customs!

ANYONE who reads this should go visit his blog.
It is fantastic!

I used to make my own customs as well. Regular action figures.
But, sadly, I haven't had any free time for that in... oh, man... has it been 10 years since my last?!?!?!?

GAH! I'm so old now.

Anyway, I will be posting my customs here on the blog eventually.

But, in the meanwhile, I'll be checking out your site often for updates.

Thanks for coming by and sticking around.

Hopefully, you'll like and enjoy all the stupid stuff here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ~P~. I enjoy reading your blog and will send other people I know your way as I know afew marvelites who also love Doc Strange.

Yeah I love Shuma Gorath. I used to always play him in the marvel vs. capcom games. So I thought it time I did my own marvel figurine of him - so I did. Since I have also made a scratch build Brood Warrior. Did you see him? Really glad you like Shuma bud.

I'd love to see your custom figs when you post them soon :D

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