Saturday, December 31, 2011


To Celebrate the END of the OLD YEAR - and to ring in the NEW, let's all drink a toast * and sing a chorus of Auld Lang Syne... like the Marvel Superheroes!
(* If need be, it can be a drink of Non-Alcoholic cider. No one will judge you here.)

 From Avengers v1 # 60.

Yes. This scene originally depicted a gathering to celebrate an Avengers' wedding, with all of superherodom in attendance, but so what? Taken out of context, this could be a New Year's Celebration! And thus it is!

In this coming New Year, let's all make a resolution to be as heroic and awesome as we know we all can be!

At least to be as awesome as Doctor Stephen Strange...

 Doctor Stephen Strange - the Most Interesting Man in the World!

Stay Magical, My Friends!



plok said...

Let's take note of all the people in that picture who are BETTER than us! Only because they've gotten past selfishness. Doc, obviously: his origin story is about getting past selfishness. But Reed and T'Challa? Hawkeye arguing with Daredevil? Ben and Johnny clowning even though Sue isn't watching? Spider-Man saying to Nick Fury: "but my God man, what a motherfucker you've been in the name of your country!" And Nick saying "I hope I'm not that much of a nationalist, I've done bad things but it was rarely my country who could take the heat for them..."

Yah, yah, cheers, cheers! Always loved this picture.

"No offense, Reed, but when you say "America" to me I'm reminded of how Wakanda had a space program in the Forties and you gave us 100 million dollars to delay the program ten years? And then you guys went, and broke the rules anyway? WE could've been the Fantastic Four!"

giantsizegeek said...

I hope that is a non-alcoholic beverage Doc is drinking! :-)

H said...

I wondered that too Richard, but the caption text at the top clarifies that the punch is non-alcoholic.

Though it's another occasion for a Strange fact: was he ever officially an alcoholic or was he just getting drunk because there was nothing else to do? I think it's been established that he seldom if ever drinks now, but that could be because impairment + magical ability is a bad combination.

~P~ said...

Happy New Year folks!

It was never really stated overtly that Strange was an alcoholic, even though many people seem to think of it being as such.

Strange supposedly succumbed to the booze when he was down and out, after his accident that cost him his career. But much like the revelation of his "official" specialty being neurosurgery, his weakness for hootch was something slowly tacked on later to his mythos by later writers.

Re-read the early origin stories and retellings. NOWHERE is it said that Doc was a booze-hound.
In fact, they don't mention drink AT ALL.
He is just drawn looking like a derelict, unshaven and disheveled.

The "booze" meme was all slowly added many years later. And even then, (with the possible exception of one writer) never to the point where he was an alcoholic.

Oddly enough, I am prepping a post about this very subject. Primarily to set the record straight - as it has always bugged me that people seem to think Strange is a candidate for A.A. (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with belonging to an Anonymous group - if you need to.)

Tamam Shud!

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