Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The DREAD DORMAMMU bust by Bowen!
(An "Idol Pursuits" post)



Although, I first leaked info about this piece - with work-in-progress pics - back in October of 2009 [HERE].

Interdimensional bringer of torment; The Dread DORMAMMU - scourge of the Dark Dimension and raison d'être for being the Sorcerer Supreme - is soon to be available as a 7-inch mini-bust by Bowen Designs.
Sculpted by Jeremy Lloyd.

Check out the sweet pics.

The translucent material in the flaming head makes it APPEAR to illuminate - but it's really just "glowing" from any ambient lighting in the room. It doesn't actually light up.

"It's a synthesis of all the different versions of the character, hopefully creating a classic look," studio head Randy Bowen told

The base, while ornate and cool, seems to be misplaced on this piece, so perhaps it's just a fill-in base used for the pics.

Either way, I need to get one to keep my Dr. Strange Bowen bust "company".

It is expected to be for sale in the Summer of this year (2010).
I can't seem to find any pricing info anywhere, but I'd imagine that it would be in the $60.00 price range.
Perhaps as it comes closer to it's release date more info will be made known.

I really need to find a job, STAT!
(as if I didn't already know that)

Maybe I can sell my kidney.


JoeMD said...

Just found your blog, and I have to say it makes me very happy there is a good site out there dedicated to the good Doctor. I'm a HUGE Strange fan so it's great to find a site where I can read about him. Might take me a while to read all your past articles, however.


~P~ said...

Welcome aboard, Joe.

I popped over to your site and saw your announcement sending your readers over here.

Big thanks.

I DO hope you enjoy reading some of the old posts here.
There's a LOT of really good posts (if i do say so myself) with some "okay" ones interspersed.

I suggest starting from the beginning and scroll through the history chronologically, as there are some "series" that go in order.

Either way, I can guarantee that you'll find a LOT to like.


JoeMD said...

Hey P,

Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope you find something of interest there. Also (and here comes some platend self-promotion) if you are at all interested in the pulp character The Phantom I also happen to run the nets biggest Phantom fan site over at If you've time to check it out I'd love your oppinion as a fellow comics-site-maker-person. ^_^

Lastly, at risk of seeming like a scary internet fanboy who won't leave well enough alone, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the recently wrapped up Strange mini-series. I have very mixed feelings about it, but I'm interested to hear the thoughts of another Strange fan.

Oh, and it's funny you mention my blog layout as I've just added the finishing touches to a new one, which I'll be changing the blog over to in the next few days.

Anyway, thanls again for stopping by my blog and I'll get started on those past articles right away.


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