Sunday, September 13, 2009

Super Hero Squad Animated series update!
or: Is that a CROW-FU dog?

While life and times here in the Sanctum Sanctorum are making regular blogging difficult, I had to toss this bit up on the blog before it becomes old news.

Some more information has been released pertaining to the MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD animated TV show that is soon to be airing on Cartoon Network.

I've posted two video clips at the end of this post.
One features DR STRANGE...
and the other shows the SANCTUM SANCTORUM!

As mentioned in a previous blog post [HERE], I mentioned (among other things) that Doctor Strange would be featured in at least one episode, but, while some cool artwork had been released at that time, no artwork of Doc was anywhere to be found.

I hope this rectifies the matter a little.

Doctor Strange; Master of the Mystic Wiener?

Not sure what the singing / dancing hot-dog has to do with anything, but I think it's being served up for me to eat (in lieu of a helping of CROW).

"Why?", You ask?
Because, my first impression of this cartoon was that it was going to be lame.
I believe that I am going to be proven wrong.

Allow me to share some more artwork and info with you and you may find why I seem to be changing my tune.

Here is a line-up showcasing some of the heroes that are to be featured.

*click pics to enlargensize*

Note: DR STRANGE above Silver Surfer at the top right.
Also, Valkyrie at bottom right.

And.... of course, the villains.

Note: BARON MORDO above DORMAMMU (who has a few MINDLESS ONES nearby) who is in turn above...CHTHON.


Most likely, for a SCARLET WITCH themed episode.
I mean... they're not going to have the friggin' DARKHOLD in this too, are they?
My mind... it 'slpodes!

For a kiddie cartoon, this is gonna be DARK!

Here we see Wolverine (of course) in Chthon's realm!

For those who are keeping score, there is also a checklist of voice-talent and some of the characters that they are to portray.

Who would have thought that the cute little "action figure things" would be such a hit.
I mean, I have a few of them, but just to get Doctor Strange and a few other characters (DEFENDERS, mostly).

I do have the "regular" Doc figure, but the "astral form" version is still to be released in the USA.
This image is from a site called
I had to snag a pic from someone else until I get my own "Secret Invasion" set (as shown in a previous post [HERE] and reposted right here for your convenience):

Skrull Soldier, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Strange (Astral Form)

--- UPDATED---
Here are two videos for the Squad cartoon.

This is an official teaser trailer.
Doctor Strange is shown at the 32 second mark.

This one was found online, and seems to be filmed by someone at a comic con showing.
Basically, it's a preview, but at the 23 second mark the Sanctum Sanctorum is shown.


So, I now have to keep my eyes out for not only the new astral Doc, but the spin-off animated series as well.
Of course, as soon as I DO get this stuff, I'll post it here for all you guys.

Damn you, Marvel!
Why is it so hard to resist your charms?

I have GOT to find a job soon. I need disposable income - STAT.


Sean Aaron said...

Pity Doc isn't in the tie-in game. I'm not sure if I'm going to pick that up or not; I've got Ultimate Alliance 2 on pre-order for Wii (and I'm reviewing it for Nintendo Life), but I don't think Doc is in that one sadly so if he was in Marvel Super Hero Squad that would be groovy.

Still I guess I should be happy he showed up in Marvel Ultimate Alliance (and had such an excellent voice actor portraying him and so much fan service to boot)!

KMG said...

Dr.Strange is my favorite character on The Super Hero Squad Show!

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